Why I’d Choose my Husband Over & Over Again! MSM 01/06/20

I’ve been with my husband for twenty-one years. I was once sexually repressed, and my husband Edwin has provided me a safe space within our bedroom. He had one simple rule, “no judgment,” and it was only then I was able to lose ALL of my inhibitions and ever since I’ve been a voice for women. I remember being shy, timid and overall ashamed of sex. He always encouraged this lioness to come to light. He allowed me to explore several sexual levels to find me Monica S Martinez! The S stands for Sex so I loudly speak and say things women are looked in shame for saying.  When we first dated, we became friends for two years before any of the sexual happenings took place.

Honestly, I’m grateful it has allowed me to understand my wounds weren’t his to heal. I had to heal myself, and all he did was provide a space in which he proved I was safe. While our journey has taught us many lessons, I’m thrilled to say that we define the true meaning of Ride or Die. There isn’t anything my husband wouldn’t do for the sake of our family and me, and he’s made that clear.  While I will say, the twenty-one years haven’t always been peaches and cream. Marriage takes a great deal of work, and the two parties have to be committed. I’ll say we both share our faults in not being able to stay on the same page or chapter of the book we started.

The roughest years for my husband and I was three years ago. We were both on the verge of just packing things up and parting ways. Just when I thought we were done, boom, he decided to work things out. It was only then when we both got on the same page of the book and didn’t want to skip chapters. My husband has proven over and over again, and he is my one. My husband has shown me throughout our marriage; not only that, he can be my superman. He will ALWAYS be him (superman) to me. When we first started our Tantalizing Productions Venture, I would give him my vision and he would bring it to life. I won’t go into the logistics of it but he ALWAYS  finds a way to be my superman and knowing that he has OUR family’s back speaks volumes to me.

Often we are tested with temptation in this world so full of it. Sometimes we as people fall for the fuckery, thinking someone might offer something better than what we have. Let me be clear here the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I’ve realized, if we continue to water our grass in our yard, we stand a better chance of growing it. Not to mention my husband is still a hottie, so looking at him still gives me butterflies. All of this to say, if you are married, just take a moment and remember why you choose them? Ask yourself if you can envision life without them? I know for me my answer is I’ve never seen my life without my husband. Knowing this reminds me that he is still worth the fight to continue our growth as a married couple.

I saw this quote “A million men can tell a woman she is beautiful, but the only time she’ll listen is when it’s said by the man she loves” I have to say this is true beyond the truth. As an Erotic Poet, I constantly get men telling me of my beauty, etc. However, it falls on death ears and yet when my husband says it – it makes me smile. So I’ll leave you with this love each other more profoundly than ever before invest in your marriage because you deserve to be happy.

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