January 14, 2020

Dear women if you never used a toy in the bedroom trust me when I say you are doing yourself such a disservice. The only way you will know what turns you on is by masturbating. Sex with yourself can be such an eye-opening experience. After, all who knows you better than you? If you explored masturbation with your fingers than hooray for you, now it’s time to up the ante. I want to talk about one of my most favorite toys of all times “The Silver Bullet”, while it’s small it packs a punch and will have you orgasming within a minute on high speed. Let me tell you exactly what this toy is used for:

Masturbating (learning your body on a vibrating level) This device can be used on your breast for stimulation, run it down the middle of your breast and get ready for all the fun this vibrator will take you on. Once you hit your vagina run it across the outer lips and feel the vibe and by this point you may just pant. Placing this toy directly onto the clitoris will give you an orgasm that you never thought you could experience. This device if placed on high can make you squirt even if you think you weren’t a squirter so to speak.

Partner Use: Let’s say you want to spice things in your bedroom and you’re tired of the same ole routine. This toy is really good for this one because it’s non-intimating and it’s an extra plus for foreplay. You can use this on your partner for oral so ladies that means you can place it on the guys scrotum will performing fellatio on him and watch how intense and sexy this proves to be. You can all use this as pure stimulation on him down his broad shoulders, across his chest. You can also show him how to use on you (since you’ve explored with it) trust me he’ll be just as happy to know that he can please you with his mouth and with the help of this mighty device.

The silver bullet is made by Cal Exotics and is available for purchase on my site www: http// I love to pair this up with one of my pheromone candles as well to set the mood.


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