Why dating your partner is important! Monica S. Martinez 12/11/19

I was talking to a few women in the audience from my last event and was surprised most of them were out with their girlfriends and not with their significant others. These women wore their wedding bands as statement pieces. When I inquired about where were their husbands, each of the women made faces and said “doing him” while I’m doing me.” I had no clue as to what it meant. So I proceeded to ask when the last time they went on a date with their husbands was? Not one of these women could answer, actually one woman said the last time she can remember was before they got married. I stood there in shock; I couldn’t believe my ears. While yes it’s great to be able to go out with your girlfriends, I still think there needs to be a time where you and your significant other make time for one another.

Most times we get stuck in a routine and I find that to be the case for those women I met at my event. They got married and maybe both parties felt they didn’t need to work hard anymore. That right, there is the misconception that most married couples get rolled into. The fact of the matter is you both have to keep the spice throughout the relationship. You both have to make it a point to have one on one time aside from the bedroom to break up the same ole same.  I believe you should think to yourselves that “our marriage is important,” which then, in return, means you should continue to date one another.

Men ask your wives on a date and watch the smile shoot across her face. Both of you get dressed up, shoot even go separately and meet up at the place. Bring the fun back into your lives. Men, do you remember the times you met up with her and thought to yourself, wow, this woman is beautiful how lucky I am? Women, do you remember getting dressed up because you thought how lucky you were? Do you both remember the endless conversations of the future you saw? Well, you’re living in it, so make the most of it. Yes, some of you may have children and I get that, hire a babysitter for a few hours. There are always nieces or nephews or your friends’ teen children looking to make extra cash.

I remember those days on a personal note. I continue to do this, yes after twenty-one years, and five children later, we still make time for one another. For us, we choose a day of the week, and sometime we even change it up from week to week depending on our schedules. I will say that while I’m married for as long as I am, I still get those butterflies when I see him. Trust me; our journey hasn’t been easy because marriage takes lots of work; however, he is my “one.”  

Dating your partner will keep the intimacy intact as well. I mean, think about all the fun facts about going out on a date with your significant other

  • You get to choose different places – maybe even try new things like a different culture of food, comedy club, poetry event, or even paint and sip.
  • You get to dress up for each other
  • Someone else is cooking and cleaning (motivation for me all the time).

You guys can also end the date with a nightcap, possibly passing by an adult toy shop and pick something up that will give the bedroom a little jump.

I’ll reiterate the importance of keeping the connection with your significant other because it will do you both a world of good. I’m also not saying you have to spend loads of cash, hell sometimes my husband and I sit on our couch lights off and watch Netflix eating popcorn enjoying the time. Our children who are all grown now will call us and we don’t answer our phones, because we are on a date. Once our movie is done, we will return the calls. Our children will ask what we are up too; we tell them we were watching Netflix each time they “yuck” us. I think it’s because they have this new thing, “Netflix and Chill” where it has a different view on dating.

Either way, when you date your partner, the intimacy isn’t lost, you’re your date can end in a night of bliss. So yes, please date each other and enjoy your partner.