Dulce de Leche has a triple meaning: Sweet milk like the condensed milk. Sweet milk which a woman’s breast can provide and of course The last meaning is the sweet milky cream a woman’s sweetness produces when it’s brought to pleasure. Love making is something we women take very seriously. When we make love we give our entire being to make it an experience one will never forget. When we fall in love, we fall hard. We’d do anything to keep our man at the top, always. He is our King and we treat him as such. It doesn’t matter what position we play in his life whether we are the Wife, Girlfriend, Mistress or Jump-Off we aim to keep him satisfied. Dare to keep your nights filled with passion? WARNING:
Enter only if you dare to lose your inhibitions.
Angie, is a survivor of many things but will she survive her relationship? His eyes made promises of a better life. He was supposed to be her “one.” She needed to be the wife with the perfect husband and two kids. She was determined to prove she was worthy of his love. When will enough be enough? “Seasonal Husband” will hit home for many. It will take you on a journey of a young woman trying to find herself in the midst of an abusive relationship. Learning to love herself will not be the only obstacle she will have to overcome. Will she be strong enough to find out what her true value is?
Divorce Chronicles is a journal of emotions during a divorce. Cheating is hard for any marriage. Will you be able to survive it? Ultimately it is your decision whether you want to stay or leave. Divorce Chronicles an emotional rollercoaster of feelings during the divorce process. If you are currently in the divorce process you will be able to write your very own healing quotes. If you been through the process you will be able to relate and still journal your own emotions. Please note this book isn’t intended to speak about every marriage.

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