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Dear Monica

I am married and I’ve been happily married. My husband is a great guy. He loves me and takes very good care of me. Our sex life has been amazing. We are very compatible in the bedroom. We’ve been together for ten years married for seven of the ten years. I love him, I really do. However, an old flame has resurfaced and now I’m faced with temptation. This man was my high school sweetheart we were together for 2 years but went separate ways because we were young. He has since found me on face book and we’ve been writing to each other for a few months without my husband’s knowledge. Now my ex wants to meet up with me. I know the meeting isn’t to catch up verbally. PLEASE  HELP!

Sincerely Torn

Dear Torn,

Thank you for writing in. You’re happily married so why is it that you have been writing to your Ex for a few months now? The fact that your husband is unaware of this means you still have some unresolved issues with your Ex. My suggestion is not to meet with your Ex and leave him where he belongs the past. Whether or not the two of you separated due to being young doesn’t mean he belongs in your life now. Ex boyfriends are clearly just that a part of your past. They have already served their purpose in life whether it be to show you how to love or get over pain. Their purpose was served. Focus on your husband and your life. You make it clear he’s a great man. Most women want exactly that. Don’t ruin your life for a past lover. I’m not sure if you have children but the way you speak of your husband is a clear indicator that the two of you have a great life even a great sex life.